Year of Young People 2018

Lead Scotland is a big supporter of Year of Young People 2018!

Year of Young People in Scotland, is opportunity for generations to come together and celebrate our nation’s fantastic young people and give a platform for young people (8 to 26) to have a stronger voice on issues which affect their lives, showcase their ideas and talents, and ultimately, aim to challenge status quo and create a more positive perception of them in society. For more information check out Project Scotland and Young Scot. 

Lead Scotland aims to increase the number of young people who volunteer with us in 2018, we have taken the step to lower the minimum age to volunteer from 18 down to 16 years old. So if this sounds like something you would like to do please email for more details or call 0131 2289441.

Supporting the aims of Year of Young People 2018, the Scottish Government want Scotland to be the best place in the world for young people to grow up, with opportunities for all in Scotland to flourish.  An integral part of their vision is also the recognition of, respect for and promotion of children’s human rights. Check out the ten minute training tool for Young People’s Rights and the website for an accessible PDF version of the training.

Find out more about our projects working with young people in the North of Scotland with our short video: