Supporting People, Connecting Communities (Moray)

What can the project offer me or someone I am working with?

The Supporting People, Connecting Communities project enables adults over 16, resident in Moray, who identify as disabled, experience exclusion, or are a carer, to learn.  We can work remotely and support learners one to one by video call, phone, or text. We can also provide support by video call to small groups.  We can also meet face-to-face outdoors and in some community venues (call for more details). Our services are person centred and confidential.

Our participants will engage in non-formal or accredited learning activities structured around supporting them to identify their own outcomes and achieve their aims. We will support essential core skill development including literacy, numeracy, communication, digital skills and improving qualification profiles. This will support progression towards positive destinations relevant to each individual, matching their skills, abilities and motivation.

Participants will be able to engage in any or all of the following activities:

⦁ Enabling activities: development and confidence building in core, reflective and community engagement skills.

⦁ Growth activities: focused development in accredited learning at SCQF levels 2 to 6 and informal, learner-led digital skills.

⦁ Digital activities: single events delivered into organisations including cyber safety and cyber resilience learning, digital agility, digital inclusion and guided progress through our OpenLearn Everyday Computer Skills: a Beginner’s Guide course.

We can also support our learners to achieve a range of qualifications including but not limited to:

Adult Achievement Awards –  SCQF levels 2, 3, 4 and 6, where learners and volunteers can gain accreditation for learning undertaken in the community, work, home, college and in volunteering programmes. Please click here for a YouTube video where you can get more information about the awards.

Thinking Digitally – set at an SCQF level 6, a course to move beyond basic digital skills.

Literacy and numeracy awards at SCQF level 2+

Community Action and Leadership Award – SCQF levels 3 and 5. A group-based personal development, confidence building and active citizenship course exclusive to Lead Scotland.

How do I refer myself, a family member or someone I am working with?

You can contact Jan Harrison our local Learning Coordinator on 07741 899 506 or email with your details.

Photo of Jan smiling

Alternatively you can get in touch by completing the contact form for the project.

How can I volunteer to support this project?

We are always looking for more volunteers to support our projects. We have a range of roles that can suit your available time and experience. We can provide training, out of pocket expenses and opportunities to our volunteers which are as fulfilling as they are rewarding. For more information, please see our volunteering page.