About Lead Scotland

Lead Scotland is a charity which provides learning, befriending and helpline services for disabled people and carers.  We have projects across Scotland and a national helpline and information service.  Our local services are offered one to one or in small groups so that people have the space and support they need in order to become empowered and in control of their own decisions. We support people to build a bridge to reach their ambitions of personal development, learning, volunteering and work. At a national level, we provide information and advice on the full range of post-school learning and training opportunities, as well as influencing and informing policy.

Lead Scotland Vision: Our vision is of an inclusive Scotland where disabled people and carers and those who experience exclusion can connect with their ambition to move forward in life through learning.

Lead Scotland Mission: To lead positive social change by empowering disabled people and carers to learn.

Our 3 year Strategic Goals for 2016 to 2019

  • Increase the number of people who can benefit from our services
  • Extend our national coverage
  • Increase sustainable revenue streams


The Aims of our 3 year Strategic Goals for 2016 to 2019

  • To reach more people across Scotland who can benefit from our services
  • To build the capacity and capability of our staff and volunteers to excel in their roles
  • To deliver high quality, effective services which give value for money
  • To influence policy change for a fairer, more inclusive Scotland


Our Priorities for Change

  • Continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness in our services and processes both through digital and face to face provision
  • Focus on branding and marketing to improve our visibility and positioning
  • Strengthen our service offer with new cross sector partnerships 
  • Explore ways of making our services more flexible to meet market demand and commissioner service delivery requirements
  • Optimise our team capacity and capability through developing our people


Our values

  • Equality
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Mutual Respect
  • Involvement


Quality Assurance

Lead Scotland has the quality standard Investing in Volunteers, first gained in 2005, and the Volunteer Friendly Award in several local areas. We use self evaluation resources for improvement such as How Good is our Third Sector Organisation and PQASSO and are inspected by HMI.

Digital Participation Signatory 

Lead Scotland has signed Scotland’s Digital Participation Charter meaning our organisation is committed to digitally skilling up our workforce, members and stakeholders. 

Privacy Statement

Please see our privacy policy for more details on how we collect, hold and delete personal information.

Further Information

You may wish to find a local project or meet the team.

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