Tommy Receives the Adult Achievement Award

Tommy found his way to Lead via his GP and psychologist after a period of depression because he was determined to learn reading, writing and computer skills. After a few initial meetings in the library they moved to home learning. The library internet connection wasn’t very good and Tommy actually preferred one to one support at home to learn. He said that travel and anxiety were barriers to learning in the library. “ I get anxious when there are too many people about.”

When he met Donna our Learning Coordinator and she told him about the Adult Achievement Award. “If you think I can do it I’ll do it!”. Tommy was supported on a one to one and was one of the first people in Scotland to achieve one of these new Awards at SCQF level 3, which was absolutely brilliant. Asked if he would recommend the Adult Achievement Award to anyone he said, “Aye, it is a good thing to do. It gave me more confidence. I can text people on my phone and that’s cheaper and I bought a new computer and am using new programmes, which I wouldn’t have done before. I want to keep going now”. Tommy is now looking into options, supported by Donna until he moves onto the next phase of his journey.