North East Scotland – Online Safety Classes

A laptop keyboard with some credit cards lying on top. A padlock is on top of the cards

Do you live in Aberdeen/Aberdeenshire and worry about being safe online? We have some classes on zoom about passwords and online scams that can help you feel more confident using your computer, tablet or smartphone.

The classes will be especially useful for disabled people or those who might find it harder to use the internet safely, but they are open and suitable for everyone. They will also be handy for you if who care for someone who needs some extra support using their digital device safely. All classes are free and open to the public.

Each webinar lasts 1 hour. 

Please tell us about your access requirements to be able to participate fully in one or more session by filling in a short form here. You don’t need to fill in this form if you don’t have access requirements.

Password Security: creating strong passwords and ways to remember them

Are you worried that the passwords you use aren’t strong enough to keep you safe? The average person has around 100 passwords for different online accounts, like social media and shopping websites. How are you supposed to remember them all? This webinar will provide an accessible introduction to one of the most important security features: passwords. We’ll look at what makes a strong password and how you can easily manage your passwords. We will explore how we can remember all of our passwords across more than one device, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Register here for March 8th at 2pm.

Register here for March 24th at 2pm.

Cyber Resilience: Cyber Scams and Attacks- how to spot them and what to do

It can be really hard to spot a scam that comes through your email or pops up when you’re on a website. Cyber criminals are constantly changing their scams to try to trick people and it can be difficult to stay updated on what to look out for. Would you know what to do if your credit card details were stolen from a website or your digital device was controlled by criminals? This webinar will provide an accessible introduction into the murky world of scams, both online and through email and what to do if you have been the victim of a cyber-attack.

Register here for March 16th at 1pm.

Register here for March 25th at 11am.