Cyber Resilience and Accessible Formats Project

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Last updated 10th January 2022.


In the past couple of years, we’ve directly supported over a thousand people to feel safer and more confident online through free in-person (before Covid-19) classes and online webinars.

This new project aims to provide free, public resources and training about online security and safety with accessibility in mind. We will be providing:

  • At least 13 alternative formats of the National Cyber Security Centre’s 6 actions for cyber awareness
  • Free webinars for members of the public on different aspects of online security and accessibility
  • Free ‘Training for Trainers’ – for practitioners and staff looking to train others in online safety methods
  • Facebook Live events sharing ‘Top Tips’


The project has an Advisory Group of partners and organisations that meets quarterly to ensure we are working in a joined-up way to close the gap around cyber resilience alternative formats and accessible messaging.  This group of key partners will also help us disseminate the new formats.

We are grateful to the Scottish Government Cyber Resilience Unit which supports this project. Please check back here for updates on the project.

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