Mark Completes Activity Agreement

It has just been 5 months since Mark from Aberdeenshire started his Activity Agreement on Stage 1 of the employability programme back in January this year. He has discovered a new sense of confidence in these past few months. Not only has he nearly completed NC 4 Core Skills in Numeracy but also attended an interview at Fraserburgh College for a car mechanics course. Travelling regularly to meet with his tutor for Core Skills has given Martin a routine that he didn’t have before. He says, ‘I actually want to get a job and don’t want to be sitting around the house’.

With regards to learning more about himself he has learnt some assertiveness skills, self-confidence and self-belief. He now knows what he wants and has the persistence to achieve his goals. Mark says, the biggest change is in his motivation and confidence. He says, ‘I feel more confident and can go out now and not worry about anxiety’.

Now that the Activity Agreement is coming to an end, it is the start of a new stage for Mark. To focus on job ready skills and to keep up his learning whether at College or with an apprenticeship. Mark will be moving onto Stage 3 with the Employment Support Team.

Well done Mark! Keep up the good work.

Names have been changed.