Multiply Projects

At Lead Scotland, we understand numeracy can be daunting. We can provide free, personalised, and confidential support to remove numeracy barriers and give you the confidence to use numeracy for life.

Our tailored approach means you can receive 1-to-1 support in community venues, at home or online where we work towards your goals. We also organise interactive workshops, drop-ins and fun activities in small groups at various locations across the locality – check our website for further information. We also can get your participation recognised by providing access to SQA accredited qualifications or other accreditation such as the Adult Achievement Award, which can be completed where you learn best (such as at home).

We have Multiply Projects in the following areas: 

Fife Multiply


Phone: 07768916460

Contact/Referral form: Referral Form – Fife Multiply Project


East Lothian Multiply


Phone: 07586640286

Contact/Referral form: Referral Form – East Lothian Multiply


Moray Multiply


Phone: 07407674408

Contact/Referral form: Referral Form – Moray Multiply Project


Highland Multiply


Phone: 07770644161

Contact/Referral form: Referral Form – Highland Multiply (


Dundee Multiply


Phone: 07467627016

Contact/Referral form: Referral Form – Dundee Multiply Project


Aberdeenshire Multiply


Contact/Referral form: Referral form – Aberdeenshire Multiply project 


These projects are funded by the UK government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Lead Scotland: Linking Education and Disability, Scottish Charity No. 003949. Company guarantee, registered in Scotland, 110186. Lead Scotland, Studio 1.09, St Margaret’s House, 151 London Road, Edinburgh, EH7 6AE.

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