Support for Disabled Students

Making the transition from school

 The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 (amended 2009) contains specific provisions in relation to transition from school, including placing duties on schools/education authorities to:

  • ask appropriate agencies for info about provision they can make for the young person after they leave school at least 12 months before they are expected to leave school;
  • pass on to any relevant agencies information about the young person (e.g. their leaving date, additional support needs, and any other information) at least six months before the young person is expected to leave school;
  • seek the views of young people and/or their parents at certain stages in the transitions planning process.


Post school learning

Lead’s booklet about Post-school Learning Choices in Scotland relates to a range of post-school learning opportunities in Scotland, including:

  • Further Education
  • Higher Education (in both colleges and universities)
  • Community/adult learning
  • Education provided by private providers

The booklet is relevant for disabled learners and those working with them or supporting them. It is also relevant for learning providers in their role as employers of disabled staff and service providers to the public.