New Fundraising Pack!

Hi it’s Amy here, one of the Fundraising Interns! Over the past week or so I have been creating (and redrafting and redrafting…) a Fundraising Pack to make it easier for people to raise money for Lead Scotland. The pack details some ideas as to how to raise money for Lead, as well as providing a Sponsorship Form, a Money Return Form and also a lovely jazzy poster to advertise any fundraising events or activities. The poster was created by Eilish, another intern we have been lucky enough to have in the Edinburgh office over the past month. I have been using the Scottish Accessible Information Guidance to make it as accessible as possible but if you need an alternative format please let us know. We are really hopeful that this pack is a useful resource for any prospective fundraisers out there! It will be downloadable from the Lead website where fundraisers can print the specific pages as and when they require them. Follow this link straight to the new pack. I hope you like it!

Cover of the Fundraising Pack

Why raise funds for Lead Scotland?

Any funds raised assist us in supporting more learners and to expand our reach within communities in Scotland. Lead provided an invaluable service to 280 people last year, 41% of learners were supported by volunteers and 30% of our volunteers are disabled people. Rather than take my word for it, below are some learner comments that demonstrate the positive impact that Lead’s services have!

“My confidence has improved, I feel good about going into work.” Learner in Aberdeenshire

“Before I started the course I was worried that I would fail the assessments and that if I would struggle with the work. I feel relieved because I proved myself wrong.” Learner in Aberdeenshire

“I found the learning a positive experience.  I now feel included in the IT world.” Learner in Fife

“I feel superb about my learning and I will continue to practice what I have learned.” Learner in Fife

“Lead is helping me get my hobbies and creativity back.  Invaluable and emancipating.” Learner in Fife

“By the end of the course it left me with more confidence.  I was able to participate a lot more than usual because it was a small group.” Learner in the Highlands