Online Safety Booklet- Easy Read

March 2021

As part of our recent cyber security activities, including our webinars, we’ve produced an Easy Read booklet to help people stay safe online. The booklet gives information about creating and remembering strong passwords, identifying email and website scams and what to do in the event of a cyber attack.

What is Easy Read?

‘Easy Read’ information is designed for people with a learning disability who like clearly written words with pictures to help them understand. It assumes some level of reading ability.

Who will find this booklet useful?

This booklet may be useful for people with learning difficulties who find other forms of online safety messaging too hard to understand. It may also be beneficial for people with other conditions affecting how they process information. It could also be helpful for people with low literacy levels or limited English.

The booklet assumes the reader has some basic knowledge of using the internet, such as using an email account or searching with Google.

How can I access it?

You can view and download a pdf of the booklet below. We can also send you a printed version of the booklet to your address for free. You can request one for yourself or someone else.

Click here to view and download the Easy Read booklet.

Click here to get a printed version posted to your address.