Volunteer Training

Assistive Technologies

An introductory hands on training where you learn how to use the accessibility functions within the operating system to suit different learners preferences. We can also demonstrate some assistive software, peripherals and clouds.


This training is about feeling comfortable in your role as a volunteer, knowing the perimeters of your role and managing people’s expectations.

Disability equality in learning

Learn about the medical and social models of disability in the context of adult learning. Suggest ways around barriers, find out about the Equality Act and work with others to promote inclusion.

Get Ready to Volunteer

We have developed a programme for people who need support to explore options, prepare and sustain a volunteer placement.

ICT handbook

Case studies and guidance to enable you to understand the perimeters of your role when supporting a learner who is using their own computer, or a Lead laptop.


The induction is mandatory for all volunteers. Find out why Lead exists, how volunteers are involved in this initial group training and accompanying reference handbook.

Personal Safety

This thought provoking group training with video and facilitated discussion considers the issues around volunteering in peoples homes and keeping safe.

Supporting Adult learners (SAL)

Self reflect with help of the SAL workbook then join a group session to unpick your support role with learners.

Thinking Digitally

At SCQF level 6 and worth 12 credits, this course requires more time commitment, but we think it’s worth the effort. Find out more about Thinking Digitally.

Travel buddy training

Learn about safe route planning and develop the necessary skills to support someone with learning difficulties learn to self travel.

Virtual volunteering

This short course is delivered remotely to enable you to experience the role and reflect on how you could support learners online via email or the internet.


We hold webinars for volunteers to connect, share ideas and inspire each other across projects.

What other training can I do?

Talk to your Co-ordinator if you are interested in any of the following training opportunities, which are provided by external training providers. We are not responsible for the content of their websites or information.

  • Gain an Adult Achievement Award from Newbattle College.
  • The Supporting Adult Literacies Learning (SALL) is provided by the local Adult Literacies partnership.
  • Certificate in Interpersonal Skills via University of Wales, Lampeter. There is now a cost for this training. Check out their finance page for details.
  • Asdan’s Certificate in Community Volunteering Level 1 to 2, Dundee College, is a qualification that recognises good practice in volunteering and the general skills volunteers need to perform their role effectively, whatever the context.
  • SQA Award in Volunteering Skills (SCQF level 3, 4 or 5) provides formal recognition of volunteering activity.
  • Saltire Award: if you are aged between 12 and 25 you can track your hours and learning gained through your volunteering placement; useful for your CV and earn Young Scot points.
  • Youth Achievement Award: Youth Achievement Awards offer a peer assessed approach to recognising and accrediting achievements and contributions of young people aged 14 plus.

Hopefully the training opportunities will stimulate your grey matter and help you reflect on your role. Contact your Co-ordinator to get involved.

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