Volunteers – FAQ

Below are some of our frequently asked questions from volunteers:


How do I start volunteering with you? 


You can email gphillips@lead.org.uk or you can contact head office on 0131 2289441 email enquiries@lead.org.uk and give your details and area where you live, we can then respond with opportunities in your area.


Do I have to support a learner or is there something else I could do? 


Supporting a learner one to one is just one of our many volunteer opportunities. We also run classes and volunteers support the Learning Coordinator during this, we have marketing roles, fundraising, Friends of Lead groups, getting involved in policy work and proof reading roles. You can discuss getting involved in any of these roles with Gail at gphillips@lead.org.uk

Will volunteering affect my benefits?


Volunteering won’t affect your eligibility for benefits as long as the ‘basic rules’ are followed – informing your job centre plus, keeping a copy of any expense receipts and not doing what would otherwise be classed as unpaid work (for example working for a friend/family member in a job that would otherwise be paid). Carers can volunteer as long as they care for someone at least 35 hours per week and that person receives the correct disability benefit.

Will expenses be paid?


Yes expenses are paid to volunteers monthly. Mileage is paid at 40p per mile plus an allowance for volunteer expenditure.


Do you offer training?


Yes. We have mandatory induction training and thereafter there is a selection of training available which you can pick and choose from. Training such as digital skills, accessible technology, boundaries, teaching literacies and equality training. 


Do you provide references?

We are happy to provide references to support you into employment or career change. We will do this once we get to know you and you have volunteered for us for more than 6 months. We can also offer a reference for up to six months after you stop volunteering with us. 


Will I get to use my own skills in this role? 


We will always try to provide you with a role which is tailored for you. If you have a certain skill such as mentoring, teaching, language or music, we can usually match you with someone who can benefit from your knowledge and expertise.


Can I leave the role at any time? 


We will have regular reviews with you as one of our valued volunteers. We understand that people move on and circumstance change and if this is the case you only need let us know. We would appreciate a few weeks notice if this is possible. You will be asked to fill out an optional exit survey for your views and we can offer a reference up to 6 months after exiting our volunteer programme. 


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