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We are grateful to the Scottish Government who have supported us to translate the National Cyber Security Centre’s  (NCSC) Cyber Aware Campaign into a range of alternative formats to encourage more people to stay safe online. As at August 2022 this information is still recommended NCSC guidance. LEAD Scotland – Linking Education and Disability » Alternative Formats for Online Safety and Security Messaging | LEAD Scotland – Linking Education and Disability

Online safety resources. 5 blog posts. 20 minute podcast and transcription. Presentation slides.

In 2020 we produced lots of resources covering topics like creating strong passwords, identifying fake emails and fake websites, and what to do in the event of a cyber attack.

We have written 5 blog posts on these, each a fantastic resource for quickly improving your, or someone you care for’s, ability to stay safe online.

We also have a podcast covering some of the issues raised in these blog posts in more depth. Why not give it a listen while you’re doing the washing up?

We have also provided a transcript of this podcast here CyberScotlandWeek Transcript.

Finally, we have created a presentation on padlet (a digital learning platform) which focuses on how to help support others to stay safe online. It is an in depth look at cyber security, and how we can ensure that disabled people aren’t left behind with cyber security, as the standard security advice can create barriers for disabled people. This covers topics such as how to create a strong, unique password with low literacy levels. 

For Cyber Scotland Week 2021, we created 5 infographics and 5 short videos. Find them here.

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Lead Scotland’s paperless and remotely delivered Thinking Digitally course introduces you to an effective use of the web and web-based tools for finding and sharing information and knowledge. One hour a week guided learning online together with a few hours offline self-guided work for 10 weeks helps you to understand how you and your organisation can engage effectively with your customers and service users in a digital landscape.

Are you looking to enhance your team’s digital skills, develop your own skills or grow your organisation’s ability to create an inclusive online presence?

Lead Scotland’s Thinking Digitally course offers a guided, online, group learning environment with one to one support to help you meet your outcomes. 

Because this course is fully flexible, it begins with creating a learning plan, unique to your organisation. We then use this as a basis for your learning, helping make you confident across a range of digital tools which are relevant to your organisation’s specific needs. Previous participants have created blogs, padlets, prezis, websites and micro websites as their digital artefacts, tailored for their audience. 

Thinking Digitally is an ideal course for teams looking at adding value to CPD, as well as facilitating an inclusive and outward looking attitude to using technology to reach wide audiences.

Please click here for more information about Thinking Digitally

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Thinking digitally - short courses. Stand alone courses on specific topics  Ensure your content can be accessed by everyone online Increase your team's confidence in delivering an accessible online presence

Lead Scotland’s Thinking Digitally short courses are designed to help organisations ensure that they have an accessible online presence, and that any digital content can be accessed by everyone. 

These short, stand alone courses can be studied individually, if there is a specific area in which you wish to develop your skills, or you can study all of them to ensure you are best able to create accessible digital content.

The courses are designed to increase your confidence and ability when dealing with barriers to access. Nothing covered in the courses requires you to be an IT expert!

The Thinking Digitally micro courses are ideal for teams looking to develop an understanding of accessibility issues, and how we can all take small, easy steps to create inclusive digital content that is accessible to all. As such, it makes ideal CPD for any team or organisation looking to improve their abilities when it comes to accessibility.

Learn how to format content for accessibility, write alt text for screen readers, create captions, and much more!

Please click here for more information about Thinking Digitally – short courses

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