Rachel’s Story

Rachel was referred for an Activity Agreement by Social Work as she left school after a poor experience regarding transition.  Rachel moved from Children and Family Services when she was 18 and worked with Lead one to one to smooth her transition and help her to find her next positive destination.

Rachel has a very supportive family who worked well with Rachel and Lead to support her to find local employment. Her employer was so supportive that Rachel’s mum was allowed to attend work with her until she settled in.  Rachel is sustaining her work and happy to have her own money to spend now.

Adult Services had worked with Lead to support Rachel to get her National Identity pass so she can become a more confident, independent traveller and Lead have signposted her to community classes and ILA Scotland so she can continue her learning and community engagement.

Rachel and her family are delighted to see Rachel more confident and able to have her own say.  Rachel also gets CPD at her work and has already completed and passed her E Portfolio.  This is a fantastic achievement.

Rachel’s Mum and Gran talk about the changes they’ve witnessed in Rachel throughout this time.