Supporting others to be safe online

Do you worry about the cyber security of the person you care for? Would you like to help your disabled relative or friend access trusted digital support?

Lead Scotland offers accessible digital learning opportunities and prepares disabled people and carers to use the internet and digital devices safely. But some people will need ongoing support to stay safe online, so we have made a list of places where you can get trusted support on an ongoing basis.

There are several options when it comes to getting trusted support for the person you care for.

If they would like general support to be able to use their device more effectively and safely, there is a wealth of information and training online and in person. Find this information through official organisations, such as City Councils, community organisations or charities like Lead Scotland, or through the official websites of brands or their official apps, such as or You can also call the telephone numbers on official sites or can talk to someone in person, like at The Apple Store in Edinburgh.

If they are looking for support that is specific to their disability, they can access specialised advice depending on their needs. Most devices these days have inbuilt accessibility features which can make using the device easier for a whole range of disabilities and impairments. Many guides to using these features can be found online, but you could also contact the producer of their device, such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei, for step-by-step guides which you can pass on to the person you care for. It is also likely that charities and support groups related to a specific disability will have information about accessible software that is available. Local councils are also likely to have a list of charities and support groups within your local area, if you aren’t already aware of support organisations within your area.

If they believe they are victim of a cybercrime, they should call the police (999 in an emergency, 101 in a non-emergency), who will be able to investigate for them.

Trusted websites for general information

These types of support come from official sources, such as the government or police.

  • National Cyber Security Centre

This site is the UK’s independent authority on cyber security. It provides up-to-date information for a range of people including individuals, businesses and the public sector. Some of the information won’t be relevant so we advise you look at the Individuals and Families section.

  • Anti-Bulling Information

While aimed at children and young people, this site has advice on how to do with online bullying that is useful for people of all ages.

  • Police Scotland

This information on keeping secure online is helpful because it comes from Police Scotland’s official website. It has lots of links to other websites that can be trusted.

Official Support links

These types of support come from the makers of the device or provider of internet or mobile service. Follow the steps shown to get to your specific problem or try searching key words.

PC/Laptop software providers


Smartphone software providers


Internet/mobile providers (information on accessibility)