Taking that first step back into learning

Eddie at the job centre told me about Lead.  A lot of services don’t come to the house but that’s what I need because I have panic attacks and agoraphobia.  I need someone with me all the time.  I wanted to build up my confidence.

Through Eddie, I met Amy the Learning Co-ordinator and she introduced me to a Lead volunteer, Mandy.  Mandy comes to the house and she is teaching me maths and English.  She is brilliant!  She understands what I’m going through as she has had anxiety and agoraphobia too. I always thought I couldn’t do it, but I am doing it.

She’s building me up more and more.  She shows me easy ways to do things like dividing.  I can remember them and I know how to do it now.  I can count in my head and I’m good at that but when it comes to writing things down or reading I was always put off.  I didn’t like school, not even primary school.  I refused to read out loud, I bunked off and I left without sitting any exams.

The English is helping me too.  I understand what people are saying now.  Before it went over my head.  It’s helping me when I text people.  It helps me with the meaning of words.

Now I’m looking forward to getting a laptop on loan from Lead and I am going to start Universal Class.  I don’t know what subject yet but I’m excited to get started.