Thinking Digitally – short courses

These stand alone courses are fantastic resources for gaining a good understanding of some of the biggest accessibility issues in digital content, as well as how to easily avoid them! There are two options for studying these courses. You can choose to study all 10 courses, or you can simply pick and choose any courses that interest you.


The topics covered are:

  • Layout
  • Text format
  • Plain English
  • Colour and contrast
  • Mouse friendly navigation
  • Keyboard friendly navigation
  • Alt text
  • Complex images
  • Captions and transcripts
  • Forms

How is this studied?

The courses are designed to be delivered digitally, using virtual meeting software (GoToMeeting), and each course is supported by a dedicated padlet, which contains a full transcript of the webinar. Each course is designed to take around 60 minutes, including Q&A, and there is scope for follow up questions to be answered via email after the session.

How do I access this?

Before your course starts,  you will be emailed with a welcome pack containing the link to the virtual meeting, the link to the padlet, the password for the padlet, and instructions for anything that you may need to get ready before the session starts.

Are there any technology requirements for me to do the courses?

The courses have been written for Google Chrome, so you will need to use Chrome as your browser for these courses. You will also need to have a reasonable internet speed. If your organisation doesn’t have a good internet speed, please let us know in advance so we can organise alternative means of delivering the courses. 


office work music table chair headphone work cart notes imac lamp office boy leaf plant ux girl illustration ui

Image credit: Siddhita Upare /Brurica

What is padlet?

Padlet is a digital platform that has been designed to host learning resources. It is an interactive 

Feel free to explore padlet – in fact, there is an introduction to Digital Thinking short courses here!


Are you interested in finding out more about our Thinking Digitally short courses? Please contact us below!

Please email and reference ‘Thinking Digitally short courses’ in the subject line. Give us your contact details and we will be touch. Thank you.