Webinars and ‘Training for Trainers’

Two people sitting on a sofa, one person holding a tablet and the other a laptop. You can only see their torsos and legs, not their faces

Last updated 24th September 2021.

As part of our Cyber Resilience and Accessible Formats project, we’re offering FREE webinars for members of the public and training for practitioners/organisations that support others.

All classes are free and open to the public.

The Training for Trainers sessions are for practitioners, volunteers or others who support people with low digital confidence.

We may be recording some sessions to share with attendees where this has been stated as an access requirement. Recordings won’t be available publicly. 

Facebook Lives

How to Stay Safe on Facebookjoin us on Facebook Live.

Sunday 24th October, 11am 

Sunday 31st October, 11am

Online Safety Webinars

The webinars are now over. Check back for more later in the year.

Training for Trainers

The Training for Trainers are currently over. Check back for more later in the year. If you work for an organisation that has a group of practitioners interested in the training, please send us an email at fundraising@lead.org.uk. 


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