Webinars and ‘Training for Trainers’

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Last updated 14th September 2021.

As part of our Cyber Resilience and Accessible Formats project, we’re offering FREE webinars for members of the public and training for practitioners/organisations that support others.

All classes are free and open to the public.

The Training for Trainers sessions are for practitioners, volunteers or others who support people with low digital confidence.

We may be recording some sessions to share with attendees where this has been stated as an access requirement. Recordings won’t be available publicly. 

Online Safety Webinars

The webinars are now over. Check back for more later in the year.

Training for Trainers

Do you work with individuals that don’t feel confident using the internet? Do you get asked questions about passwords and scams and aren’t sure what the right answers are? Come to one of our ‘training the trainers’ webinars, developed for practitioners who work with service users with low IT skills and confidence. We’ll cover the basics of online safety and the strategies you can use to support the people you work with to feel safer online.

Please click on the date below to register for that session. Each session is the same and you only need to attend one.


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