North Lanarkshire Project

Please note that project activity is paused from the 31st March 2024. We are awaiting a decision about further funding in 2024-25, please watch this space.


What can the project offer me or someone I am working with?

North Lanarkshire Project works with adults over 16, resident in North Lanarkshire, who identify as disabled or a carer, to learn new skills such as literacy or digital skills. We have a great team of volunteers who can support learners one to one. We also offer support to small groups at local accessible community venues. Our services are free, person centred and confidential.

How do I refer myself, a family member or someone I am working with?

You can contact our local Learning Coordinator via mobile on 07920782674 or email with the contact details of the person you wish to refer.

Alternatively you can get in touch by completing the contact form for the project.

How can I volunteer to support this project?

We are always looking for more volunteers to support our projects. We have a range of roles that can suit your available time and experience. We can provide training, out of pocket expenses and opportunities to our volunteers which are as fulfilling as they are rewarding. Please email Jan at  for an informal chat and a starter pack. For more information please see our volunteering page.

How does the volunteer group Friends of Lead North Lanarkshire support the work of Lead Scotland?

Friends of Lead North Lanarkshire is a local group which supports Lead’s work as follows:

  • Raises awareness
  • Raises funds, organises events, buys equipment for the project.
  • Volunteer involvement

For more information see the Friends of Lead North Lanarkshire website  Friends of Lead North Lanarkshire Facebook page or their Twitter page.


Any other questions?

Please call head office on 0131 2289441 or email

Lead’s North Lanarkshire Project gratefully receives funding from North Lanarkshire Council.

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AAA learners achieve their award

A great example of learning in the North Lanarkshire area comes from four learners who achieved their Adult Achievement Award at Level 3.  The learners met weekly as a group on a Friday afternoon over a period of around four months in a local library and were supported by Lead Scotland to achieve the Award.  The learners’ confidence, skills, knowledge and self-esteem increased and two of the learners have now gone onto Level 4.
The Adult Achievement Awards give you the opportunity to gain a National Certificate for learning you have undertaken, or are currently involved with, or would like to undertake in a variety of places such as work, at home or in a volunteer role.
The Awards are available at SCQF Levels: 2, 3, 4 and 6.  There are no entry requirements for the awards and they are free to undertake.