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Creating Accessible Layouts Monday 20th June 1pm – 2pm 

How a page in a document or on a website is laid out can impact how accessible the content is. Without an accessible layout, your target audience may not be able to read or interact with your content. This webinar will consider the key elements to creating an accessible layout to help you identify issues in your existing digital content. 

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Accessible Colours and Contrast Tuesday 21st June 1pm – 2pm 

Almost all digital content relies on visual elements, so it is vital that the colours used in your content are as accessible as possible. Digital content is often designed to be aesthetically pleasing, but these designs often do not use the most accessible colours and contrasts. This webinar will consider the different colour combinations and contrast ratios for people with different accessibility needs. 

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Accessibility and Cyber Security Wednesday 22nd June 1pm – 2pm  

Cyber security measures are vital to ensure we can all browse the web safely, but not all cyber security measures are equally accessible. This webinar will consider the accessibility of various cyber security techniques, so that you are well informed to support others to keep their online accounts secure in a way that meets their accessibility needs. 

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 Using Alt Text Thursday 23rd June 1pm – 2pm 

Images are a key element of much digital content, but some digital users find images difficult to view. This webinar will explore ‘alt text’ (alternative text) which can be used to make images accessible for digital users utilising screen readers. We will cover how to write appropriate alt text and how to include alt text in your digital content. 

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Creating Captions and Transcripts Friday 24th June 1pm – 2pm 

Much digital content contains audio or video elements, these formats are not accessible for some digital users. This webinar will examine how to include real time captions within videos and create transcripts to include with your digital content. 

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Stay Safe Online Over the Summer 

With summer here, we all want to relax and enjoy ourselves. Scams and hackers may be the last thing you’re thinking about. Whether we’re glued to our screens, or we just use a device for the occasional task, we can all be at risk of being targeted by online criminals. This webinar will show you how to spot scams by email, websites and social media so you can avoid losing your information and money. So, whether you’re flying off to somewhere sunny, or just relaxing outside at home, come along for useful tips on how to stay safe online this summer. 

Register for Monday 27th June, 11am-12pm

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