Lead Scotland Projects

Lead Scotland Co-ordinators and volunteers support disabled people and carers who want to learn.

Click on the links  below to find out more about each of our current projects and if we are not in your area yet, you may be able to get support and advice from our national helpline on 0800 999 2568:

Aberdeenshire Employability Agreements Project

Aberdeenshire Employability Project (16-24 year olds)

Dundee Adult Learning Project

Fife Adult Befriending Project

Fife Befriending Young Carers

Fife Adult Learning Project

Fife Adult Carers Digital Project

Multiply Projects

North East Digital Skills and Adult Learning Project (Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City)

North Lanarkshire Adult Learning Project

Perth and Kinross Digital Skills Project

Perth and Kinross Tenants Project

Lead Scotland Services available across all of Scotland 

We support disabled people and carers at all stages of their learner journey, from age 16 through to older adulthood. Everyone has a different goal, a different way of learning and a different pace.  We have supported thousands of learners since 1979 and we encourage you to take that first step and get in touch.

We support learners to find ways around barriers such as lack of confidence, lack of digital skills, lack of effective transition support, previous negative experience, lack of accessible impartial information about options, lack of support to learn, lack of travel training skills, lack of access to assistive technology, financial barriers and feelings of loneliness.  Tell us how you want to improve your life and we will do our best to support you to find a way around those barriers.