Learners – FAQ

Here are some commonly asked questions. If you your question isn’t answered here please contact one of our Lead Scotland Co-ordinators or our national helpline and information service.

My son doesn’t want to go to college. Can he learn at home with Lead?

Yes he could learn at home, in a local learning centre, or wherever he feels comfortable (also suiting his other commitments). Is one of our Lead Scotland Co-ordinators in your area?

Is Lead Scotland a college?

No. We have links and good relationships with colleges and other learning providers. We are an independent voluntary organisation and our aim is to widen access to learning for disabled people and carers and provide support to get people started.

What does a Lead Scotland Co-ordinator do?

The Co-ordinators have many parts to their jobs. They offer educational guidance and information and action planning to find a way forward for learners.  They also find, train and support volunteers. Co-ordinators meet people in other organisations who we can work with to get the best choice for learners. Local publicity is also done by Learning Co-ordinators.

I’m starting a course in September can I get a computer?

If you are disabled (or a carer), live in an area where we have a Lead Learning Co-ordinator and you are within the age range of the project you may be eligible to borrow a computer for a set period of time. Talk to our Lead Scotland Learning Co-ordinators.

Are you on Facebook?

Yes we are on Facebook and would love it if you would like our Facebook page to keep up to date with all our news.

Can I refer myself?

Yes you can, just get in touch with the Co-ordinator in your local authority area. If you are unsure who that is just helpline service.

How do I refer my client?

Get in touch with the relevat co-ordinator in your local authority area.

How long will the support be for?

This is different depending on each project and what best suits your needs. In our Fife learning project the support can last up to 6 months but can be different in different areas. To get a better idea please ask the relevant co-ordinator in your local authority area.

What areas does Lead Scotland cover?

We are always looking for funding to start projects in new areas but we currently have services in Fife, Dundee, North Lanarkshire, Aberdeenshire, Perth & Kinross, Moray and Highlands.

What sort of training will I get?

Either 1 to 1 or in a group.

What sorts of things can I learn?

This is different in each area. To get more information please get in touch with the relevant co-ordinator in your local authority area.

What befriending projects do you have?

We currently only have one befriending project which is running in Fife. Fife befriending project