A free loan of a computer

Whether you want to learn how to switch one on, type, email, or do a specialised computer course we can offer you the tools you need to get started.

Learn how to use a computer or use the computer as a tool to other learning.

We can lend you a laptop or a tablet for up to six months through our free computer loan scheme.

Do you think you would find it difficult to use a computer because of your physical impairment, your vision or your reading and/or writing skills?

We can show you lots of ways to personalise the device so that it is accessible.

We will ask you to agree to our Easy Read Lead Learners IT Loan Policy March 2023

There may be a waiting list for a computer depending on the level of demand.

Interested? Find our Lead Scotland Learning Co-ordinators.

“I am really enjoying using the iPad, I thought I wouldn’t be able to learn new information and retain it but with your help I am getting somewhere with this” Learner quote.