Downloadable guides

We have created a number of free booklets providing information for disabled people and their families/carers as well as for professionals, related to post-school learning. Our booklets explain what the options are for learning after school – from community learning, further education at college and going to university, to paid internships and training for work. They also cover what support you can expect to receive, what funding is available and what your rights are as a disabled person within educational settings in Scotland. 

All Lead Scotland information booklets are available in large print, electronic and Easy Read formats on request.

List of Charitable Trusts providing Educational Grants for Individuals 

Supporting You at College – describes the support available at college, who pays for it and how to arrange it.

Supporting you at University  – describes the support available at university, who pays for it and how to arrange it.

Arranging Support Workers in Higher Education – information about arranging and recruiting educational support workers.

Post School Learning Choices in Scotland – describes the different learning options after school including community learning, training and further education at college. Also covers educational support, funding and benefits for disabled learners and carers.

Higher Education in Scotland – explains the higher education system in Scotland from HNC through to post-graduate level.

The Equality Act in Post School Learning – explains your legal rights and entitlements as a disabled learner. 

Employment Support Allowance and Studying – This factsheet from CPAG provides information about employment and support allowance as it applies to students.