Volunteer Survey

36.5% of our pool of registered volunteers completed our 2015 volunteer impact survey. 100% of volunteers surveyed said they’d recommend volunteering with Lead to a friend. Below are a few of the responses to questions asked in the survey:

What do you like best about volunteering with Lead?


  • Making myself useful, having a purpose again.
  • Imparting the knowledge you have gained from your experience of work and life in general. Being physically disable myself since birth helps me understand the barriers that those with latent disabilities experience.
  • The support and training opportunities.
  • It’s fun and gives me a feeling of self-worth.
  • Meeting all the fantastic learners who are so keen to develop new skills and working with your amazingly dedicated Learning Co-ordinators and office staff.
  • I enjoy feeling that I am improving someone’s skills and helping them to use technology.
  • Simply being able to help someone achieve a goal pertinent to their particular need. I was a teacher, but rarely had the opportunity to work in a 1:1 situation.
  • On-going training and continuous support from line manager which enables me to do the best I can for my learners.
  • Doing something useful with my time since I’m unemployed.


 Has volunteering with Lead directly influenced you taking up other ventures/opportunities?


  •  I have moved into employment, then onto College as a result of my volunteering experience.
  • Working with Lead as a volunteer, opened my eyes to how much people with disabilities are often left behind in education, Lead has enthuses me to do other ventures with persons with disabilities.
  • It has allowed me to upgrade me ECDL.
  • After a while of volunteering with Lead I was employed by Lead as a session worker for the Activity Agreement pilot and CALA.
  • I now also volunteer for a health walk group as I recently trained as a Walk Leader. I felt this might be useful for some of the people referred to Lead as it aimed at improving activity and encouraged people who are isolated.
  • Attended Real Project Workshop at University of Stirling held by Learning Link Scotland Completed 2 units of Supporting Adult Literacies (3rd to be completed next term.
  • Being retired of some of the skills used have been sharpened by the experience.


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