Off to college, can’t Wait!!

This quarter Amy, one of our Learning Coordinators, had the pleasure of working with a 50 year old gentleman with severe learning difficulties. The learner was at a low point in his life where he had little to do and felt he had been brushed off multiple times by other services throughout the city. The learner also lives with his elderly mother who felt she was struggling to “get some time to herself to just get on with daily tasks and enjoy doing some things alone” Learner’s mother 2016. She was very determined that her son needed to be more involved in community activities and to get out of the house more.

He mentioned an interest in learning and stated he was excited to give it a go despite having bad experiences in the past. Amy highlighted some learning options that would be possibilities and the learner decided he liked the sound of a course being run at Arbroath College. With the help of Lead the learner has now applied successfully for the course, has had an interview and has been allocated a place. The course is due to begin in August and Lead will continue to support the learner through the initial daunting stages.

“Without Lead’s help I don’t know what I would have done, I’d be sitting around doing nothing bothering my mum. I can’t wait for my course to start, Amy is going to come with me and we’re going to get the bus! I hope now I’m back in learning I can carry it on for years to come!”
Learner 2016

This learner has made great developments in his time working with Lead. He has gained to confidence to travel outwith the city and to start a new course in an unfamiliar place. He is taking on more responsibility every week agreeing that “he has to learn to do tasks for himself as he is old enough now and his mum will not be able to do them for me forever” Learner 2016. I am confident this learner will continue to develop with the help of Lead and will achieve great things at college and in the community.