Assistive technology

Assistive  Technology refers to any item, piece of equipment, software programme, or product system that can be used to increase, maintain, or improve the level of independence of disabled people. Some people prefer the term ‘enabling technology’. There are a wide variety of free, low cost and costed technology solutions available.  Disabled people in schools, colleges, universities and workplaces have access to needs assessment, loans and funding to get their own kit. As part of our 2023-26 strategic plan we are committed to working with organisations to make the pathway clearer for community based adult learners across Scotland who are not in school, college, university or work. Help us complete this mapping to understand what gaps still remain and reach out to work with us to close the gap, contact

Free In person Support

  • Ability Net free ‘My Computer My Way’ resources, free webinars and free digital support in people’s own homes across the UK. Their volunteers can get people set up with new equipment, help them get online and deal with problems. 
  • Lead Scotland local projects offer one to one support to access free online resources to help disabled people assess what they need. Lead has a guide to educational grants to buy equipment.
  • Some libraries have assistive technology to use and staff or volunteers on hand to support disabled people to learn how to use it. We are not aware of a central page showing which libraries offer this. 
  • Seescape offer support for blind and visually impaired people in Fife who want to try using assistive technology.
  • The Karten Network is a network of IT centres for disabled people.  In Scotland: Fife College, Scotland’s Rural College Elmwood Campus, Seescape.

Free Online Resources

Costed Services – Scotland Wide Suppliers

  • Concept Northern supply assistive technology, equipment and follow up support.
  • Sight and Sound provider of hardware and software for blind and visually impaired people, initial assessment, support and training.

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