Gaining confidence to learn

I had looked after my disabled husband and two young sons and not worked for over 6 years. I had typing and clerical experience but had never used a computer, despite having one in the house. The Lead Learning Co-ordinator talked to the Carers’ Group I attended.  I identified with what she was saying and wanted to find out more.  I was keen to gain computer skills to give me a better prospect of work in future once the children are older.

I had lived within walking distance of a Community Education Centre but had never plucked up the courage to go along to find out what was available. The organiser gave me information about Adult Learners’ Week and I went along to introductory sessions at the centre and signed up for a computer class. As this was not due to start till after the summer break, the Learning Co-ordinator gave me digital skills packs as I was keen to get started. One year on, I am continuing to work on my computer skills and I have also attended introductory courses in Sign Language and Forensic Science.  I am now up for anything the centre has to offer and I feel much more confident.