Open and Accessible Learning for All

Lead Scotland and the Open University in Scotland will roll out a series of regional workshops for Lead Scotland volunteers, staff and key partners to learn more about the free, informal learning resources provided by the Open University, this year. The workshops are intended to build capacity and increase the confidence of Lead volunteers, staff and key partners to support disabled learners to access open learning and OU study.

The OU in Scotland will deliver tailored workshops on using OpenLearn and other free learning platforms, supporting learners to plan their learning journeys, and the pathways from informal to formal learning offered by the OU. The workshop will also focus on the accessibility of learning resources and the supports that disabled learners can access at the OU.

Workshop participants can will receive a certificate of attendance and can call themselves Open Learning Champions. They will be invited to participate in a network of more than 250 people who are working to widen access using open learning, which offers regular newsletters, CPD and practice sharing opportunities and an annual network event. They will also be asked to contribute to an annual open learning champions survey.

We are hoping to create 50 new open learning champions this year, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Open University and the 40th anniversary of Lead Scotland.  The OU in Scotland and Lead Scotland have the shared aim of making learning accessible for all. Please subscribe to our newsletter where we will be sharing the dates of these events.


OpenLearn is the home offree online learning, with hundreds of resources on a huge range of subjects. You can use or adapt these resources for learning programmes or 1:1 support, or for your own personal or professional development. OpenLearn can help learners build their confidence and gain new skills, particularly digital skills, as well as being a great starting off point for people interested in returning to formal education. All OpenLearn resources can be studied in your own time and at a pace that suits you.

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