Thinking Digitally 2022

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We will be delivering our accredited Thinking Digitally course in early 2022, as part of our Build Back Digital Initiative supported by the Scottish Government’s National Transition Training Fund. Participation in this course will be free for disabled people, carers, and those who provide services for disabled people and carers. This remotely delivered course provides a supportive environment for learners to improve their digital skills, earn a qualification (12 credits at SCQF level 6), and create an accessible ‘digital artefact’, such as a website or blog. You may benefit from this course if you are looking to: improve your digital confidence and competence, learn about different online tools for communication and collaboration, and discover how to produce accessible online content.

This course is credit rated by Glasgow Clyde College, and your work will be assessed, though there are no examinations. We will help you create a private online space in which you can compile an e-portfolio of work for assessment. Once we have defined a learning plan, you choose the online tools to produce your digital artefact. The course is delivered via an online platform such as Zoom, in groups of approximately 5 learners to a single tutor. This allows learners within the group to support each other. We will create a private online space, using a platform such as Slack, in which learners are able to share ideas outwith the tutor-led sessions. Prior to commencing the course, you will have a one-to-one meeting with the tutor to discuss your application, and to understand what you are hoping to get out of the course. You will also have a one-to-one session mid-way through the course to ensure you are managing the course load and to allow you to reflect on your learning so far.

The course will involve 13 one-hour tutor-led sessions delivered over Zoom, with 10 weeks of supported group learning and 3 weeks to finalise your digital artefact and e-portfolio. You will also need roughly 3 to 5 hours a week to work on the course in your own time, create your digital artefact, and compile evidence for your e-portfolio. To take part, learners will need to have basic digital skills, access to a computer that supports videoconferencing, a stable internet connection, and an email address. Learners will also need to be able to complete a course at SCQF level 6. This requires learners to have the time and capability to study independently for a few hours a week, and to reflect upon their learning, with support.

We do not currently have defined dates or times for this course, we can negotiate a start date, and the most convenient time of the week for all participants once we begin to register learners. If you work within an organisation and feel that several of your colleagues could benefit from this learning opportunity, we can arrange for these learners to be part of the same learning group (dependent on the number of learners).

Here are some testimonials from previous Thinking Digitally participants:

“Do it! I have gained lots of knowledge and skills on the digital tools out there, free (mostly) for us to use. Above all, I have enjoyed the weekly meetings with the other participants and realise that everyone is on a continual learning journey. The content and tone of the course were spot on and tutor was always encouraging.”

“Active not passive learning like ECDL because you can pick the tools you use.”

“It’s a good feeling making live digital artefacts which can be useful to other people.”

“For anyone that has basic digital skills and wants to try out new tools, this is the course for them.”

To register your interest or for more information related to Thinking Digitally, please email

We are able to offer our Thinking Digitally 2022 course free of charge to participants due to support from the Scottish Government’s National Training Transition Fund. Thinking Digitally is credit rated by Glasgow Clyde College.

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